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Scott Pfleeger | Author

Lead generation is critical to your business and I want to go over a few traditional ways of marketing your business that is in efficient and is very expensive in my opinion. Now number 1 radio you have to get the time of day correct and you are also stuck working with DJs like house DJs that are doing the same voice-overs for every other advertiser in your city what you are going to do is sound like everybody else and your ad is not going to worth a shit, so I recommend not doing radio. TV, for example, can be expensive you can walk into long term contracts and if you get the placement incorrect you could be in trouble meaning the time of day or the day you run it not to mention the ad the TV spot. The time you spend shooting that commercial the money you are going to spend setting up that commercial having the production come out, do all that. If you get it wrong you are in trouble because the ad will bomb and TV isn’t for faint of heart if you have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend you can go ahead and do it but in my opinion, it’s super inefficient.

Build boards, for example, can be expensive, also you are locked into long term contracts anywhere from 3 months maybe to a year you have to get the ad correct, you have to get the copy correct you have to make an offer in my opinion in the billboard and to get all that done in a billboard spot when someone is doing 35  past your billboard is nearly impossible these days and it’s also hard to track results from a billboard, so I don’t recommend doing billboards. I would never do a billboard in 20 years haven’t done a billboard. Mailers another example for you, if you are not sure what a mailer is, a mailer is a postcard you send out to a city or neighborhood and you are going to advertise your service. A mailer is also inefficient and you have to hire someone to it for you, to set it up for you or you do it yourself and what you have to do yourself and get correct you have to get the postcard correct, you have to get the picture correct front and back have to get the copy correct front and back which is the text, you have to get an offer on their front and back or just the front or the back which has to be a good offer which has to work. Mailers are also hard to track you have to set up a system for mailers when they go out, who they go out too all that good stuff. So that to me is a huge waste of time and energy and money as well if it is not working correctly and I would never do mailer either.

Canvassing is another way to market your business. if you are canvassing and getting results out of canvassing good for you but you could spend your time so much more wisely and be more laser-focused with your marketing dollars than spending time going out knocking doors if you think about it no one wants to be interrupted by a stranger at their house selling home improvement these days. These days people are more skeptical than ever and there are better ways to market your business other than canvassing. Now think about canvassers on the other end, you have to fire canvassers you have to rehire canvassers, train, schedule time you should meet load everybody in a van take them out to the job, you have to hire managers to manage that canvassing team, you have to pay both canvassers ad canvassing managers, you have to set up systems to collect leads and following up with those leads, you have to set up a system to close and track those leads. So, it really can get crazy and be a huge waste of your time and efforts in my opinion.

Now cold calling is another way to market your business and old calling is dead in my opinion, now some may differ on what I have to say on this but I would never do cold calling in 2020 and for one reason is 90% of all phone calls these days go unanswered, so 9 out 10 calls you are calling aren’t even going to pick up the phone tack on or they even interested to that and you are pretty much wasting your time with cold calling you could spend your time so much more wisely than cold calling homeowners to remodel there bathroom or kitchen for example. You don’t have to become an expert on lead generation technology to get a few simple systems set up for your business that really works to generate unlimited leads for your business.

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