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Scott Pfleeger | Author

I want to introduce you to what a simple, little website can do for your business. Now with a simple little website, contractor marketing becomes much easier than you think, using only your website you can generate unlimited leads for your business even if you have no prior experience or computer skills.You can get the job done but the kicker is you have optimized your website to get results. Now optimizing your website is pretty much this in a nutshell. What it is once you have picked the correct domain name which plays a part in optimizing your website or plays a part in generating leads for your business you next want to build that website correctly so it is recognized by Google, for example, to sit at the top of local search that is where the majority of the customers are doing business with contractors.

Ideally, you want to be at number 1 but in the top 3 are generating the lion share of the leads for any service you provide so what you are going to do is start out by adding unique authoritative content to your website which is your home page first of all and what do I mean by that you want to have unique content that has not been copied from any other website you want it to be done yourself you want it to be unique to you, to your business, to your website and you can hire content writers it is actually very inexpensive to write your content for your website. You give them an idea of what service you provide, who your customers are and let them go to town on that. This is a good way to start but you truly want at least a thousand words of that content on your homepage to make an impact online and go from there, so once you get that content on your homepage you want to actually add in what it is you do and what city you are in so you signal to Google that they should be coming or sending these customers to you. so, you want to say I am a plumber in Las Vegas, for example, you want to sprinkle that in every now and then on your home page.

Now another way to optimize your website is you want to title each page properly now titling just means whatever the name is of your page so if you do bathroom remodeling you want to have your own separate page for bathroom remodeling, let’s say you are in Chicago you want your title to say Chicago bathroom remodeling for example that is very important in optimizing your website and each of your pages not only your home page unless you only provide one single service which is hard to imagine you want to name it separately for the proper optimization. Now once you get that down you want to move next to your pictures, every picture on your website need to have its own title, its own name actually and you have the chance in your website editor you can edit no matter what website editor what website builder you use or the person you hired to do your website uses, you can name each picture which is very important it is going to give you an advantage over your competitors name each picture in your website to optimize it.

Our ultimate goal is to outdo our competitors, and generate a ton of roofing leads or construction leads “if thats what we do” so we are going to get every detail right and give us that advantage and doing your pictures naming your pictures is going to give you that advantage once you give your pictures a title, the last thing you are going to do is put it out on the internet, let people know who you are what you do and you want to gain popularity by getting something called backlinks, now backlink is a link from like if you are a member of the home builders association they are going to put your business name and your website on their website and what it is going to do is link back to your site so when somebody clicks on it the link will take them to your site that is a backlink, so you need more backlinks than your competitors as well and what do I mean by your competitors you want to go online search for your service or see who comes up on top those are your number 1 competitors because that is the premium spot to be online and they are generating the lion share of customers for the service you provide. So as long as you can get your little website optimized it doesn’t have to be a fancy website something simple clean and optimized and you are going to be in good shape. So, go ahead and start today by setting up one simple system for generating consistent leads for your business using your website and watch your business grow. I hope this helped you guys. I will see you guys next week.

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