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Scott Pfleeger | Author

If you are not familiar with a Facebook ad, I want to introduce you to their today Facebook ads are amazing. I have helped over 200 contractors generate these with Facebook ads and I have generated hundreds of thousands of leads for my business as well-using Facebook ads, so I want you to become familiar with a Facebook ad. I want you to use Facebook ads they are here today they could be gone tomorrow, but they work very well today so, I recommend you get started and running Facebook ads for your business. They are some of the best construction marketing you can do. Our ultimate goal is to market our business in the best way possible and to do it online this is the best way to do it. So let me introduce you to what it is basically when you are scrolling through Facebook in your Facebook feed you will see an ad pop up for example and how you know it’s an ad it will say sponsored underneath the top that is an ad it’s blowing up your feed that is what you are going to do as well.

So what you are going to want to do is to open a Facebook ad account and what that does allow you to run ads, now you have to get it rolling you will need to put in your credit card information and it’s different from your Facebook page or your Facebook business page it’s a separate account it’s a free account but you are going to want to link it to your business page and run the ads from there and that is just the way to go about it. So, once you are set up you are going to be able to target the cities you are going to be able to target men and women, ages and interests so it can be pretty detailed which works in your favor, and I would recommend just starting with something simple such as targeting homeowners. I like to target DIY magazine, for example, I like to target do it yourself type stuff because homeowners are in that mind frame of working on their home so you know they are going to be interested in getting somethings done so that is good for targeting age wish anywhere from 30 to 45 I think works well but you can target whatever age group you want, men and women or just women if you want to target women fine I like doing men and women but you can keep it simple, you don’t have to get crazy with all that. Once you get that set up you want to put a picture in the ad and you also want to put something simple, put a free estimate your phone number and roll that out.

Also, I recommend putting an offer in there let us say you do a bathroom remodeling $1000 off a complete bathroom remodel for August that is a great offer so if you can throw an offer in there it is going to work even that much better that is the key to a Facebook ad if your offer is great you are going to get more leads if your offer sucks you are not going to get as many but you will still get leads. So, I recommend starting a Facebook ad right away and watch your business blow up.

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